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“The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.”



A fully qualified & insured hatha yoga teacher with first aid training, I have studied and practiced yoga since 2004

Hello. I'm Melanie :) Once upon a time, I paid absolutly no attention to my health.


Raised by hippies I was always very tuned in to the idea that material attachment was bad; community and helping people is good. I always felt myself to be a small part of something bigger and I always felt that there was an energy within me and around me.


Throughout my teens and early adulthood I smoked, ate lots of crap really late at night and thought sporty people were 'another tribe'. I just got used to the inflexibility, uncomfortable twinges, shortness of breath, regular coughs and colds and poor digestion as I rushed around in my daily life. I groaned as I stood up and paid no attention to my posture. Flexibility was something that kids have and my body was simply disregarded unless it hurt. I had a stressful busy job and I never, EVER made time just for me. I suffered my minor ailments believing them to be just a part of life. I travelled, a lot. And it was then I began to realise that a healthy lifestyle was more than just being at the gym.


Then one day, I found a yoga class. It was literally the first kind of exercise I had done in nearly 10 years. Right from scratch it made me feel different; calm, open; Better.

"Yeah", I thought, "I could do yoga"... Over time, it started to turn into "I'm well into yoga" and eventually evolved into "Woah I LOVE my yoga!". Now it's "I can't live without yoga!". It has literally improved and changed my life dramatically.


Nearly 13 years later, with teaching qualifications and a bucket load of passion, here I am, wanting to share with you what I know.


And I can promise you this; If you give it a try, yoga will make you feel so much better too.

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Other Teacher Training:

March 2015: 3 day Yin Yoga intensive workshop with Norman Blair @ Islington Life Centre

April 2015: Anatomy workshop with globally recognised Orthopedic Surgeon turned Yoga anatomy expert and author, Ray Long MD

June 2015: Adjustments Workshop with Naomi Absalom @ Union Station Yoga Studio, Clapham Junction

September 2015: Yin Yoga CPD teaching workshop & Equinox Celebration with Senior Yoga Instructor Regina Kerschbaumer, Bansted Surrey

November 2015: Yoga Teaching Assists Workshop @ Red Hot Yoga Studios, Guildford

May 2016: Kinesiological Stretch Workshop Training @ Red Hot Yoga Studios, Guildford

Continued Online Tutoring & Mentoring via YogaGlo / Yoga International and various

August 2016: The Oyster + The Pearl: Hips + Shoulders + Heart Openers Workshop with Taylor Harkness @ Harbour Yoga Studios, Farnham

September 2016: Deepen + refine your classroom + one to one teaching with Lisa Sanfilippo @ TriYoga, Chelsea

March 2017: A journey through the Chakras Workshop, Swami Saradananda @ Yotopia, Covent Garden

August 2017: Teachers Immersion with Taylor Harkness @ Harbour Yoga Studio, Farnham

September 2017: Yoga Science & Back Pain with Dawn Morse BSc, PGCE, MSc, SYT @ Swindon

June 2018: Handstand Workshop with Indaba Yoga Studios, London

October 2018: Mobility, Creativity & Fluidity with Naomi Absalom at Harbour Yoga, Farnham

Melanie Hiblen

British School of Yoga Diploma - Distinction

(Recognised by Ruth White Yoga)

Registered with IYN (Independent Yoga Network)

Red Cross First aid training certification

Full Public Liability Insurance


13 Years mixed discipline hatha yoga experience including:

Vinyasa flow, Iyenga, Ashtanga, Yin, Power Flow, Bikram, Kundalini,

Barre Concept, Restorative, Meditation

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My Yoga Story...

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