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“The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.”



A fully qualified & insured hatha yoga teacher with first aid training, I have studied and practiced yoga since 2004

Once upon a time, I paid absolutly no attention to my health.


Raised by hippies I was always very tuned in to the idea that material attachment was bad; community and helping people is good. I always felt myself to be a small part of something bigger and I always felt that there was an energy within me and around me.


Throughout my teens and early adulthood I smoked, ate lots of crap really late at night and thought sporty people were 'another tribe'. I just got used to the inflexibility, uncomfortable twinges, shortness of breath, regular coughs and colds and poor digestion as I rushed around in my daily life. I groaned as I stood up and paid no attention to my posture. Flexibility was something that kids have and my body was simply disregarded unless it hurt. I had a stressful busy job and I never, EVER made time just for me. I suffered my minor ailments believing them to be just a part of life. I travelled, a lot. And it was then I began to realise that a healthy lifestyle was more than just being at the gym.


Then one day, I found a yoga class. It was literally the first kind of exercise I had done in nearly 10 years. Right from scratch it made me feel different; calm, open; Better. "Yeah", I thought, "I could do yoga"... Over time, it started to turn into "I'm well into yoga" and eventually evolved into "Woah I LOVE my yoga!". Now it's "I can't live without yoga!". It has literally improved and changed my life dramatically.


16 years later,  here I am, wanting to share with you what I've learned. And I can promise you this; If you give it a try, yoga will make you feel so much better too.

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Other Teacher Training:

March 2015: 3 day Yin Yoga intensive workshop with Norman Blair @ Islington Life Centre

April 2015: Anatomy workshop with globally recognised Orthopedic Surgeon turned Yoga anatomy expert and author, Ray Long MD

June 2015: Adjustments Workshop with Naomi Absalom @ Union Station Yoga Studio, Clapham Junction

September 2015: Yin Yoga CPD teaching workshop & Equinox Celebration with Senior Yoga Instructor Regina Kerschbaumer, Bansted Surrey

November 2015: Yoga Teaching Assists Workshop @ Red Hot Yoga Studios, Guildford

May 2016: Kinesiological Stretch Workshop Training @ Red Hot Yoga Studios, Guildford

Continued Online Tutoring & Mentoring via YogaGlo / Yoga International and various

August 2016: The Oyster + The Pearl: Hips + Shoulders + Heart Openers Workshop with Taylor Harkness @ Harbour Yoga Studios, Farnham

September 2016: Deepen + refine your classroom + one to one teaching with Lisa Sanfilippo @ TriYoga, Chelsea

March 2017: A journey through the Chakras Workshop, Swami Saradananda @ Yotopia, Covent Garden

August 2017: Teachers Immersion with Taylor Harkness @ Harbour Yoga Studio, Farnham

September 2017: Yoga Science & Back Pain with Dawn Morse BSc, PGCE, MSc, SYT @ Swindon

June 2018: Handstand Workshop with Indaba Yoga Studios, London

October 2018: Mobility, Creativity & Fluidity with Naomi Absalom at Harbour Yoga, Farnham

May 2019: Tension Release: Self-Embodiment Training & Kundalini Yoga, Cafe Mila, Godalming

June 2019: Yoga Teacher Emergency First Aid, MGM Training Ltd, Uxbridge

Melanie Hiblen

British School of Yoga Diploma - Distinction

(Recognised by Ruth White Yoga)

Registered with IYN (Independent Yoga Network)

Red Cross First Aid Training Certification

Full Public Liability Insurance


16 Years mixed discipline hatha yoga experience including:

Vinyasa flow, Iyenga, Ashtanga, Yin, Power Flow, Bikram, Kundalini,

Barre Concept, Restorative, Meditation

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My Yoga Story...

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My style of teaching is fresh, warm, creative, inclusive and fun.

For me, variety is the spice of life; so my classes are different every week. I often cover different topics themes and body parts. Some classes are more energising and upbeat; and some are more relaxed and philosophical. I observe who is in front of me and try to read what they need that day, encouraging them to know when to challenge themselves and when to be kinder to themselves.

I believe that it’s important for people to increase their body awareness and to begin to understand how their bodies work, so include simple information on anatomy and physiology during class.


Much as I respect and love the ancient origins of yoga; my belief is to make yoga as appealing and relevant as possible to what we as a society understand. Humanity shares common threads such as love, acceptance, unification, non-attachment and non-harm and so these fundamental themes of yoga are interwoven into my class in an accessible and non-religious way. Despite this more modern approach, I hope to preserve and honour the authenticity of yoga by using Sanskrit terminology (ancient indian language), a variety of Pranayama (breathing) techniques, and some yogic philosophy and mythology, sometimes including observation of the chakras (energy wheels).


My intention is to create a welcoming and challenging environment that inspires students to develop their passion for yoga and build on personal strength and flexibility. My classes are taught alongside carefully chosen instrumental music, providing an atmospheric setting that aids a deeper connection to the practice.

I want you to leave my classes feeling relaxed, revived, clear, and with a renewed sense of self.