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Autumn 2017...What the hell happened to Summer?!

By mellowburnyoga, Sep 3 2017 08:54PM

Well that was quick!

One minute I was all "Hey summers coming" and suddenly here we are and I'm thinking about whether my umbrella will last another season.. in fact where is my umbrella?

So what's changed since I last wrote? Okay, well I would be lying if I said my attention hadn't been somewhat focused on a certain studio and development of that - it has become a desire, or rather a challenge at least to see if I'm capable.. running your own little business of a few classes is one thing, running a studo? That's a whole other ballgame.

In any case, it has brought about a lot of reflection about where I might see myself in a year, two.. five? I love that I am naturally organised and so enjoy sorting things out and logistics and so hope that my hard work will pay off.. Keep your fingers crossed for me - or even better, use your fingers to type in my email address and ask me to tell your more about it! :)

In the meantime, my well intended workshops have not come to fruition; mainly because juggling the fifty balls I currently throw around is just about as much as I'm able at the moment and I'm setting a new intention to go to more workshops myself! I want and need to get back to being the student again because nothing gives me greater pleasure than sharing new bits I've learned with you guys..

A new Tuesday night class at Winston Churchill Sports Centre at 7-8pm will be taking place from next week so pop by and give me a friendly smile - I'd appreciate it - and this class is only £7 a time! Nice...

So if I don't see you in my classes, at my studio or flying by as a fellow student in some meditaiton or workshop somewhere, then I wish you the very best until we do meet again

All love and a massive smile



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