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What a year!

By mellowburnyoga, May 2 2018 01:44PM

Evolving all the time my yoga career just keeps on twisting and turning!

So we know change is inevitable right? I love that life opens doors when you least expect it and this year has definitely turned into one of opportunity for me...

Off the back of my Tuesday evening class at Winston churchill, one of the lovely ladies recommended me to her work colleague.. who managed to convince her boss to hold weekly yoga classes... enter mellowburn yoga... It's been a long time since I had a 'proper job' and frankly the corporate world can be a scary place, but you know what? These guys probably need yoga more than most - the sometimes unbeliveable stress of the corporate desk job combined with the unnatural hunch of the seated life is a recipe for spiritual and physical disaster. Seeing the incredible impact of yoga from this end of the spectrum is rewarding and fulfilling, because of how much its magic works.. As it turns out, I'm not the only one to feel that way - additional lunchtime classes are en route! Score!

My classes in Guildford and Woking are still growing and evolving into this wonderful joyful thing - the community I'm meeting with and sharing the journey with are both enthralling and humbling.. They make me laugh and sometimes weep! The stories behind the faces both inspire me and fill me up and I feel so priviledged to keep sharing and bonding over yoga and it's positivity, teaching tools and skills for coping with all of lifes challenges...

I know I always gush in my posts, but it's a chance to remind me of how gobstoppingly lucky I feel to have this life. I want everyone to feel this good and know this santosha (contentment)...

If you're reading this and you haven't tried a yoga class, just go.. whether mine or anyone elses - go and feel that inner magic - it's waiting for you.

We are just in this lifes vehicle for a short time.. let's not forget to enjoy this ride

Blessings & Love



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