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What have you done today, to make you feel proud?

By mellowburnyoga, Oct 21 2018 08:03PM

My middle child of 9 years loves that song, apparantly they play it in her school assemblies to inspire the children and I love that. Anything that incorporates the gorgeous tingly feeling of pride in something others have done or that we ourselves have done is in my opinion the very fabric of joy and connection. I love nothing more than to hear of how others have expressed compassion.

I'm getting quite emotional in my old age and ever reflective of the every day heros I meet in abundance in this life as a yoga teacher.

From the first flutters of pregnancy, to those experiencing the agony of failed IVF. From the gusto of energy and youth to the grief of loved ones passing. To the daily battle of dealing with lifes stresses, relationship betrayals and after, the comrademanship of deep friendship. To seeing healing before my eyes, to the terminal diagnosis of a young woman who thought she would get better, I believe I have seen enough from this role and others to know humanity at its rawest and it's strongest. This is both humbling and terrifying as well as magnificent and awe inspiring. To know one at their most vulnerable and to feel that I have supported fills me with purpose and humanity.

And for me?

This Friday I had the pleasure in the creation of an event I was running at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda in Guildford where I have somehow found myself in teh position of marketing and events manager. I was able to inspire 21 people to come along and enjoy a whole wealth of self caring and nurturing activities from restorative yoga to reiki and chocolate tasting. The result was to give some light relief from the burdens but to help raise £500 for British Red Cross.

Proud? You bet your ass I am. You be proud; of yourself - of who you are. Never doubt how powerful you can be and I for one, believe in you.

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