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General thoughts and feelings about whats happening in the world of mellowburn yoga - mainly drivel but if you'd like to read it, I like you reading it :)

By mellowburnyoga, May 2 2018 01:44PM

Evolving all the time my yoga career just keeps on twisting and turning!

So we know change is inevitable right? I love that life opens doors when you least expect it and this year has definitely turned into one of opportunity for me...

Off the back of my Tuesday evening class at Winston churchill, one of the lovely ladies recommended me to her work colleague.. who managed to convince her boss to hold weekly yoga classes... enter mellowburn yoga... It's been a long time since I had a 'proper job' and frankly the corporate world can be a scary place, but you know what? These guys probably need yoga more than most - the sometimes unbeliveable stress of the corporate desk job combined with the unnatural hunch of the seated life is a recipe for spiritual and physical disaster. Seeing the incredible impact of yoga from this end of the spectrum is rewarding and fulfilling, because of how much its magic works.. As it turns out, I'm not the only one to feel that way - additional lunchtime classes are en route! Score!

My classes in Guildford and Woking are still growing and evolving into this wonderful joyful thing - the community I'm meeting with and sharing the journey with are both enthralling and humbling.. They make me laugh and sometimes weep! The stories behind the faces both inspire me and fill me up and I feel so priviledged to keep sharing and bonding over yoga and it's positivity, teaching tools and skills for coping with all of lifes challenges...

I know I always gush in my posts, but it's a chance to remind me of how gobstoppingly lucky I feel to have this life. I want everyone to feel this good and know this santosha (contentment)...

If you're reading this and you haven't tried a yoga class, just go.. whether mine or anyone elses - go and feel that inner magic - it's waiting for you.

We are just in this lifes vehicle for a short time.. let's not forget to enjoy this ride

Blessings & Love



By mellowburnyoga, Sep 3 2017 08:54PM

Well that was quick!

One minute I was all "Hey summers coming" and suddenly here we are and I'm thinking about whether my umbrella will last another season.. in fact where is my umbrella?

So what's changed since I last wrote? Okay, well I would be lying if I said my attention hadn't been somewhat focused on a certain studio and development of that - it has become a desire, or rather a challenge at least to see if I'm capable.. running your own little business of a few classes is one thing, running a studo? That's a whole other ballgame.

In any case, it has brought about a lot of reflection about where I might see myself in a year, two.. five? I love that I am naturally organised and so enjoy sorting things out and logistics and so hope that my hard work will pay off.. Keep your fingers crossed for me - or even better, use your fingers to type in my email address [email protected] and ask me to tell your more about it! :)

In the meantime, my well intended workshops have not come to fruition; mainly because juggling the fifty balls I currently throw around is just about as much as I'm able at the moment and I'm setting a new intention to go to more workshops myself! I want and need to get back to being the student again because nothing gives me greater pleasure than sharing new bits I've learned with you guys..

A new Tuesday night class at Winston Churchill Sports Centre at 7-8pm will be taking place from next week so pop by and give me a friendly smile - I'd appreciate it - and this class is only £7 a time! Nice...

So if I don't see you in my classes, at my studio or flying by as a fellow student in some meditaiton or workshop somewhere, then I wish you the very best until we do meet again

All love and a massive smile



By mellowburnyoga, Mar 13 2017 02:10PM

Welcome and Namaste

The beautiful new season is edging in beautifully with the blossom of thousands of happy daffodils and fluffy cherry blossom trees. This makes my heart sing; I truely am and always have been a sunshine being; sure of being a cat in my previous life, loving nothing more than the natural warmth of the sun.

My new role as manager at Aveda Studio on Guildford High Street continues to keep me busy, creating more skillsets from sales, marketing, PR and client liasion along with recruitment, software, problem solving and budgets and juggling this with teaching and life in general has certainly filled my days. I am enjoying learning these new tasks and creating another community with amazing teachers and souls sharing their knowlege and creativity.

I continue on my own yogic journey, philosophical about where and how I end up in various situations - reflective of what's not needed and dropping old behavoural habits that have long dominated my life - feeling freer and happy because of it, but at the same time yearning for the art of forgiveness; forgiveness for my own self. The battered soul needs to let go of things we can't change in order to move forward...but a lot easier said that done; knowing on a deeper level that to truely forgive is a whole new chapter in self development and healing. Yoga has shown me without doubt the possibility of transformation; this gives me faith to continue on this path with an open hopeful heart and a reminder to keep it simple; just breathe and feel; breathe and move...

These learnings and reflections have no doubt become entangled in my own teachings as I encourage my students to think about their burdens, their behaviours and their reactions; hoping to be inspirational on some level other than being able to do an asana! At the very least, perhaps I'm deepening and wisening beyond this muscle or that organ benefiting from a session.

All love Yogis


By mellowburnyoga, Dec 13 2016 03:37PM

Hello beautiful lovelies

So the end of this year has brought me many new suprises which I look forward to sharing with you in my upcoming newsletter.

I'm looking forward to the Christmas holidays now - its been an amazing year - one that reconfirms to me that you really do never know whats coming up around the corner. Magazine appearances, high street demos, Beginners and YinYang Workshops, Outdoor garden Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, new studios, cover teaching..... My teaching experience has continued to broaden, my connection to the practice as deep as ever and an ever growing sense of gratitude for this wonderful life and these lucky opportunities.

Up and coming for next year are more workshops - namely 8th January 2017 another Complete Beginners Workshop to enable more people to begin their yogic journey ! I love that the power of yoga is spreading wide and far and I hope that it has the desired effect; to realise how connected we all really are and how love really is the way forward for the human race.

The Connective Couples workshop on November 25th was totally beautiful - a joy to teach and witness and it got such positive feedback, that I look forward to the next one, especially in time for Valentines Week - save the date - 17th February 2017.

I will be in touch in the next week or so with a copy of my newsletter and offerings of the exciting next chapter of this, my dream job :)

I hope Christmas helps you to reconnect with the most important things of all ;

Love, Peace and Unification




By mellowburnyoga, Oct 26 2016 09:19PM

Ok so can someone tell me who took 2016? I mean seriously? Nearly November!? The world whizzes by and the wise words of my 98 year old granny ring true; the older you get, the faster it goes!

So Mellowburn... Since I last wrote there have been servings of Om Yoga Magazine October edition, Lululemon Athletica Guest Teacher, Guildford Highstreet Aveda Promo class and a brand new timetable including a regular vinyasa flow class at the wonderful Cafe Mila in Godalming and the joyful Akram Hot Yoga Studio in Woking... I have two exciting workshops coming up; Connective Couples and Complete Beginners in January... There are literally classes of all kinds coming out of my brain and my mouth onto the mat, themes from 'Acceptance' to the 'Twists and the SI joint' to 'Stress Reduction Endocrine Focus Restorative', 'Core Flow' ....

There also a new up and coming Seated Yoga class coming up as from next week.... The creative juices are joyfully flowing and I love it...A fulfilling timetable allows me to truly spread the net of yoga joy fast and far and my encounters with the loveliest of humans really is what keeps me buoyant in this flaky yoga world. There have been a few powerful moments lately witnessing people being so able to connect into themselves they've been able to really release onto their mats and express emotion that has been pent up within them and finally comes tumbling out in a positive release. I like that; its powerful and wonderful and humbling as a teacher.

It's true that yoga seems to attract a particular type of person; the ones that want inner peace are usually seeking a nice community from which to enjoy that, those that want to improve their health show compassion for themselves (Karuna) and their wish to feel better shines a light on their wish to make others feel better too. Yoga resonates with so many because it simply tunes you into the inner part of you that is perfect and whole. That untouched, pure part of you that resonates good and reminds us of who we really are. When you connect into that a lot, just by stopping, by breathing, by noticing, you can't help but want more of that and ultimately want to be a better version of yourself.

Autumn often brings about time for reflection and to be honest theres been a lot of that - I notice some folks craving the more advanced asanas (poses) and making their practice all about that; people believing thats what yoga is; makes me think how can I illuminate the other side to yoga? I'm not talking about suddenly studying the hindu scriptures here; but I am talking about the philosophy that underlines why we practice. Finding our truth; understanding our purpose; finding contentment through acceptance - this is what yoga in the west means... and building confidence to know that and to remain clear in that message, in a world where there are so many distractions. There are many ways of bringing the beauty of yogic philosophy in a practical sense to our yoga mats, in the hope that it reflects back into our normal every day worlds.

So yes, a bit of a philosophical one from me this blog and as always another learning journey... its a wonderful ride :)

See you matside Yogis

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