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And back we go...!

By mellowburnyoga, Feb 22 2015 08:36PM

Namaste Yogis!

So its with a refreshed heart we reapproach our mats for this weeks classes. We will be having a vinyasa flow focus this week, so prepare to increase that heartrate and re-energise!

Flow yoga is a sequence of movements designed to flow smoothly from one to the other and is often regarded as 'vinyasa' meaning breath synchronised movement. Its extremely popular given its fitness aspect

It is a great way to harmonise the body, open and strengthen the body in several different ways and lift energy levels. You will leave the class feeling revitalised and like you've had a good all over work out.. because of the fluid nature of the movements, as you increase your knowledge of the poses, its a great way to switch the brain off as you move an get into a meditative state of mind too -

I look forward to sharing it with you and look forward to see you all on the mat soon

Feel Better - Do yoga! :)



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