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Counting down.... and breathe....

By mellowburnyoga, Jan 4 2015 03:20PM

So I'm thrilled that promotion and web visits are on the up and people seem interested in knowing about my little project. Every time I think of my first classes and beyond my heart skips a beat and I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and be calm.

Theres a very good reason for that... lengthening your exhale triggers a relaxation response in your brain via your parasympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight bit) and when your diaphragm relaxes on the exhale, the rest of your body follows.. A simple exercise is to count the length of your inhale, and on your exhale elongate by a count of 2...Try it and you will see its calming effects instantly... !

Who said anything about stressful? :)

Till my next blog...



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