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Spring 17...

By mellowburnyoga, Mar 13 2017 02:10PM

Welcome and Namaste

The beautiful new season is edging in beautifully with the blossom of thousands of happy daffodils and fluffy cherry blossom trees. This makes my heart sing; I truely am and always have been a sunshine being; sure of being a cat in my previous life, loving nothing more than the natural warmth of the sun.

My new role as manager at Aveda Studio on Guildford High Street continues to keep me busy, creating more skillsets from sales, marketing, PR and client liasion along with recruitment, software, problem solving and budgets and juggling this with teaching and life in general has certainly filled my days. I am enjoying learning these new tasks and creating another community with amazing teachers and souls sharing their knowlege and creativity.

I continue on my own yogic journey, philosophical about where and how I end up in various situations - reflective of what's not needed and dropping old behavoural habits that have long dominated my life - feeling freer and happy because of it, but at the same time yearning for the art of forgiveness; forgiveness for my own self. The battered soul needs to let go of things we can't change in order to move forward...but a lot easier said that done; knowing on a deeper level that to truely forgive is a whole new chapter in self development and healing. Yoga has shown me without doubt the possibility of transformation; this gives me faith to continue on this path with an open hopeful heart and a reminder to keep it simple; just breathe and feel; breathe and move...

These learnings and reflections have no doubt become entangled in my own teachings as I encourage my students to think about their burdens, their behaviours and their reactions; hoping to be inspirational on some level other than being able to do an asana! At the very least, perhaps I'm deepening and wisening beyond this muscle or that organ benefiting from a session.

All love Yogis


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