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Up and Running!

By mellowburnyoga, Jan 31 2015 07:27PM

Hi yogis!

Well, I've now been up and running for a whole two weeks! I just can't believe how quickly the times flies and how busy I am! I need yoga just to chill me out!

The classes have been going great - I knew Mondays and Wednesday mornings might be tough to fill and still very much a working progress, but the lovelies that have made the class have been a dream to teach, really enthusiastic and hard working and it makes me extremely glad to have made the jump into teaching. When I see the happy relaxed faces leaving my classes and hear the great feedback, it fills me with pride and a sense of fulfillment. Surely you can't ask for more from a job!?

So what with writing sequences, trialing private classes, promoting mellowburn yoga through the net and pacing the streets dropping flyers through letter boxes and running the family, I am keeping seriously busy - but loving it!

If you're reading this and you can squeeze in a cheeky class, come and join us - especially Monday & Wednesday mornings - the classes are quieter and y ou get more attention (its a good thing I promise!) - I really want to create a community in each of my classes where everyone feels like they are part of a great vibe - because I'm feeling it each time and hope my students do too! :)

Namaste - Respect for each other - Divine Connection - Feel BETTER!


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