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General thoughts and feelings about whats happening in the world of mellowburn yoga - mainly drivel but if you'd like to read it, I like you reading it :)

By mellowburnyoga, Sep 26 2016 11:07AM

Join my NEW weekly class at the beautiful studio above Cafe Mila, Godalming!

Feel invigorated and inspired in this uplifting and accessible vinyasa flow class.

Finding the fire and determination within, as we seek out the balance between effort and surrender, awareness and inner peace, strength and flexibility. Lots of direction and pointers given whilst in the pose to help you to improve and understand your practice.

A typical class will start with a steady and gradual warm up, followed by a fluid and creative flow of transitions between poses that focus on increasing your strength and flexibility. Once the fire has been stoked, we move playfully forward into trying arm balances, inversions and uplifting heart-openers, finishing off by a descent back down into some deep stretching and meditation in delicious and most welcome savasana.

Yoga Mila class pass or £14 drop-in

To book in, click here!

By mellowburnyoga, Sep 23 2016 07:23PM

Join Mellowburn yoga for a date night with a difference! A truly bonding experience that will reconnect and realign you with your partner.

Tune into each others energy and breath and spend time exploring simple, accessible yoga poses, specifically designed to bring you closer and really feel each other in a completely new way. No doubt there will be plenty of smiles to share along the way too!

The workshop will cover simple breathing techniques, non-challenging, intimate, nurturing and supportive poses, along with guided connective meditation.

Find real time to stop and appreciate each other whilst enjoying all the loving benefits that yoga has to offer.

Limited spaces, book early to avoid disappointment

£40 per couple

By mellowburnyoga, May 17 2016 08:59AM

Good Day lovely Yogis!

I hope you'd be interested in joining Mellowburn Yoga for a one off special workshop combining two beautiful aspects of ancient yoga practice from either side of the spectrum of practice;

Beginning with a yang flo we will warm the body with a variety of sun salutations, steadily cultivating energy and moving with the breath to meditational rhythm... Once at a peak of yang energy, we will gradually begin to draw the body down onto the mat for a deeply meditative and nourishing yin practice, to nurture the joints and the adrenal gland.... All this to the setting sun...

To find out more and book your space, please go to:


By mellowburnyoga, Apr 27 2016 08:57AM

Are you interested in starting yoga but haven't got a clue? Have you already begun a practice but would like to fill in the gaps? Well here's your remedy :)

A simple, informative and fun workshop covering all the basics you need to start you off in the big wide world of yoga, as well as a few simple poses to take home and practice to treat your body. The workshop will cover a few topics including:

'What is Yoga?'

a brief overview of the history and philosophy behind yoga as well as different styles and what they mean

'Basic Anatomy'

helping you to understand your body and how to place it in poses


the whys and hows of breath control


The poses themselves, broken down into categories or 'families'

'Relaxation techniques'

to help you to get your mind into the right place for your practice but also to apply to your outside life...

You will also receive a sheet of basic poses to practice at home if you choose.

Prior booking is a must and if you would like to secure a space, advance payment is required.The cost of this workshop is £20.

I really hope you can make it along and it will be a real joy to share a bit more about yoga with you!

To book your place please email

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