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General thoughts and feelings about whats happening in the world of mellowburn yoga - mainly drivel but if you'd like to read it, I like you reading it :)

By mellowburnyoga, May 17 2016 08:59AM

Good Day lovely Yogis!

I hope you'd be interested in joining Mellowburn Yoga for a one off special workshop combining two beautiful aspects of ancient yoga practice from either side of the spectrum of practice;

Beginning with a yang flo we will warm the body with a variety of sun salutations, steadily cultivating energy and moving with the breath to meditational rhythm... Once at a peak of yang energy, we will gradually begin to draw the body down onto the mat for a deeply meditative and nourishing yin practice, to nurture the joints and the adrenal gland.... All this to the setting sun...

To find out more and book your space, please go to:


By mellowburnyoga, Apr 27 2016 08:57AM

Are you interested in starting yoga but haven't got a clue? Have you already begun a practice but would like to fill in the gaps? Well here's your remedy :)

A simple, informative and fun workshop covering all the basics you need to start you off in the big wide world of yoga, as well as a few simple poses to take home and practice to treat your body. The workshop will cover a few topics including:

'What is Yoga?'

a brief overview of the history and philosophy behind yoga as well as different styles and what they mean

'Basic Anatomy'

helping you to understand your body and how to place it in poses


the whys and hows of breath control


The poses themselves, broken down into categories or 'families'

'Relaxation techniques'

to help you to get your mind into the right place for your practice but also to apply to your outside life...

You will also receive a sheet of basic poses to practice at home if you choose.

Prior booking is a must and if you would like to secure a space, advance payment is required.The cost of this workshop is £20.

I really hope you can make it along and it will be a real joy to share a bit more about yoga with you!

To book your place please email

By mellowburnyoga, Mar 27 2016 05:01PM

Happy Easter one and all! Ok so the level of chocolate going on in this house is nearing digusting. I recently read an article about being a 'bad yogi' and forgiving yourself such sins, so have taken this as an intervention from the universe not to beat myself up about it too much. It has however, spurred me forward to write a kick ass detox sequence for class next week.

So the mellowburn adventure continues onwards and upwards. I have fast learnt that one things for sure in this yoga teaching business, you cannot predict ANYthing. I mean when you think you're getting nice and cosy in a teaching schedule, you can bet your bottom dollar everything will change in the blink of an eye - so its important to stay adaptable and flexible. I have covered anywhere and everywhere and its fabulous when it creates new connections and experiences to learn from. It humbles me when new opportunites continue to be placed at my door and I'm forever in awe of my students continued faith in me as they appear and reappear at my classes. To share something so positive that I'm told over and over again is changing peoples lives for the better, makes me very happy indeed.

My newest teaching opportunities since I last blogged, involve a stint in Pirbright covering a fantastic little class of 'country yogis' ;), an offering to lead some workshops in Cafe Mila Yoga Studios in Godalming, and a great job teaching regularly at Aveda Hair Salons in Central Guildford. They have put together a luxury studio space for an intimate class, including mohair blankets and underfloor heating - tres posh! I'm delighted at the opportunity to teach a yin/yang blend which I believe will be the only class of its kind on offer in Guildford!

More excitment comes from my regular teaching gig on Thursday evenings at Peak Fitness Gym in central woking... They have had so many complaints from students that there wasn't space in my class, that they have added an extra class! My ego is in tact I promise - but I am thrilled!

I continue to cover at Surrey Sports Park now and again, and it goes without saying that my beloved Mellowburn Classes continue on as a growing community of yoga lovers and general lovelies.

I can feel my teaching has evolved so much - thought I'm forever excited to look forward to sharing new poses and transistions between poses, not to mention the ongoing thrill of seeking out themes, guided meditations and yoga styles to share. We do so love to explore in class and sometimes I'm as suprised as the next person about what comes up! It is brilliant to watch everyone fall further in love with their own practice and progress so beautifully. Lots of photos on my facebook page of students in wierd and wonderful poses if you're interested:

So if you're reading this and you haven't ventured forth to a mellowburn class yet, I promise its worth a try - I mean, well I would say that, but from the feedback I get, I feel confident that its worth an hour of your time to see what its like! Hope to see you matside - love n' peace, Mel x

By mellowburnyoga, Dec 16 2015 05:31PM

So unbelievably, I conclude my first year as a yoga teacher, filled with enthusiasm and delight at how well it's gone! I really have enjoyed myself!

I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to teach a variety of styles of yoga (Static hatha, hot vinyasa flow, yin, yinyang) at such a variety of places so far - Surrey Sports Park, Hotpod, Guildford Spectrum, Peak Fitness Gym, Akram Yoga Studios, Cafe Mila, not to mention a number of private homes, GreenArks Community Centre, Burpham Wellbeing Studio and now Queen Elizabeth Park community Centre for my own classes. From class planning & sequencing, to business running, balancing life and practice with work and continually learning has meant an immense journey that feels like its only just begun!

I have to say, the best part of the job is you guys - my students make the whole job such a wonderful and rewarding thing - watching people start connecting with themselves, their bodies, enjoying their progress, all whilst building friendships and little community of such lovely folk, opens up new doorways of yoga that I didn't even fathom.

The encouragement and support I have received as a teacher has truly been humbling and heartwarming and its with grateful wide eyed joy that I look ahead to 2016.

So new changes for 2016, Monday mornings have moved to the lovely Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre in Queen Elizabeth Park, Stoughton, Guildford. I'm confident that this venue will be our yoga home for a long time to come as it ticks all the boxes :)

I've also taken on a full timetable in terms of my teaching capacity with an agreed position from February at at the brand new Aveda yoga studio which is amazing!

I will keep learning and keep sharing everything I find about yoga and hope my passion ignites yours :)

For now, I wish you ALL a fabulous, Happy, Joy Filled Christmas and New Year!

Viva Yoga! :D




By mellowburnyoga, Jul 24 2015 11:36AM

Wow so here we are already in the midst of a great British Summer! I can hardly believe how quickly this year is going! :)

I hope you have all had a wonderful first half of 2015 and this end, I am glad to report Mellowburn yoga continues going from strength to strength.

I have been lucky to get lots of opportunities and new possibilities in the diary including cover work at Akram Hot Yoga Studios in Woking, Spectrum Leisure Centre in Guildford along with a brand new Mellowburn Yin yoga Class, launched on Tuesday 14th July. To my relief and delight it was recieved extremely well by all that attended. As a result, I will be launching a weekly Yin class from September 8th every Tuesday night, so please get in touch if you'd like more info on attending.

Watch out for the up and coming free Mellowburn Summer Yoga class held outside at Stoke park on Sunday 30th August 10.30-12 - message me if you're interested in coming and cross your fingers for good weather!

Other than that I look forward to more teacher training in leafy Surrey with a Yin Workshop followed by Gong Sound bath - Music to my ears!

Please remember there are NO wednesday night classes for the next two weeks! Back 12th August for business as usual!

Thats it from me for now, but I wish you all the very best of Summers :) Thanks for your continued support of Mellowburn Yoga and I look forward (as always) to seeing you on the mat soonest!




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