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General thoughts and feelings about whats happening in the world of mellowburn yoga - mainly drivel but if you'd like to read it, I like you reading it :)

By mellowburnyoga, Feb 22 2015 08:36PM

Namaste Yogis!

So its with a refreshed heart we reapproach our mats for this weeks classes. We will be having a vinyasa flow focus this week, so prepare to increase that heartrate and re-energise!

Flow yoga is a sequence of movements designed to flow smoothly from one to the other and is often regarded as 'vinyasa' meaning breath synchronised movement. Its extremely popular given its fitness aspect

It is a great way to harmonise the body, open and strengthen the body in several different ways and lift energy levels. You will leave the class feeling revitalised and like you've had a good all over work out.. because of the fluid nature of the movements, as you increase your knowledge of the poses, its a great way to switch the brain off as you move an get into a meditative state of mind too -

I look forward to sharing it with you and look forward to see you all on the mat soon

Feel Better - Do yoga! :)



By mellowburnyoga, Feb 11 2015 02:21PM

Hello Yogis!

I can't believe I am nearly at half term and have been teaching for a month already! Just to remind you that classes break after tonights class for a week during school holidays but we're back in business Monday 23rd February for the 9.45 class at Green Ark Community Centre, Lido Road, Guildford. GU1 1HB

Hope you all enjoy the week and look forward to seeing you on the mat for some more feel good factor


Mel x

By mellowburnyoga, Jan 31 2015 07:27PM

Hi yogis!

Well, I've now been up and running for a whole two weeks! I just can't believe how quickly the times flies and how busy I am! I need yoga just to chill me out!

The classes have been going great - I knew Mondays and Wednesday mornings might be tough to fill and still very much a working progress, but the lovelies that have made the class have been a dream to teach, really enthusiastic and hard working and it makes me extremely glad to have made the jump into teaching. When I see the happy relaxed faces leaving my classes and hear the great feedback, it fills me with pride and a sense of fulfillment. Surely you can't ask for more from a job!?

So what with writing sequences, trialing private classes, promoting mellowburn yoga through the net and pacing the streets dropping flyers through letter boxes and running the family, I am keeping seriously busy - but loving it!

If you're reading this and you can squeeze in a cheeky class, come and join us - especially Monday & Wednesday mornings - the classes are quieter and y ou get more attention (its a good thing I promise!) - I really want to create a community in each of my classes where everyone feels like they are part of a great vibe - because I'm feeling it each time and hope my students do too! :)

Namaste - Respect for each other - Divine Connection - Feel BETTER!


By mellowburnyoga, Jan 17 2015 03:13PM

So all is well this end and I'm (fairly) confident I have fulfilled my checklist for now - when I first thought about teaching I was like, yeah, hire a hall, bung some mats down - job done... oh how little I knew! Strangely after auditioning for a teaching post last week and GETTING THE JOB!! - YEEHAA!, It has really calmed my nerves about my first classes. Its almost like I spent all of my nerves doing that and now i'm just really looking forward to sharing some yoga, making some shapes and helping people feel better of course... !

It is hard to explain to people just how wonderful yoga can make you feel without them experiencing it for themselves and knowing that it does take some time to get the hang of the language and for the body to accept what you want it to do - its an on going challenge and certainly one I hope you are happy to take on, because trust me when I say the benefits are SO worth it!

If you are having any mental queries about whether to come along or not I would like for you to read a testamony from a student of mine who was a total beginner and has now fallen a bit in love:

"I love Mellowburn Yoga! Mel is a great teacher, very friendly and knowledgeable, and I feel like I can take the class at my own pace. I always leave feeling peaceful, flexible and all my aches and pains stretched away! Highly recommended if you're in the Guildford area and are either a beginner or someone looking for a high quality teacher and group."

See you on the mat!


By mellowburnyoga, Jan 4 2015 03:20PM

So I'm thrilled that promotion and web visits are on the up and people seem interested in knowing about my little project. Every time I think of my first classes and beyond my heart skips a beat and I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and be calm.

Theres a very good reason for that... lengthening your exhale triggers a relaxation response in your brain via your parasympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight bit) and when your diaphragm relaxes on the exhale, the rest of your body follows.. A simple exercise is to count the length of your inhale, and on your exhale elongate by a count of 2...Try it and you will see its calming effects instantly... !

Who said anything about stressful? :)

Till my next blog...



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