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By mellowburnyoga, Mar 28 2015 11:51AM

Hello again people

Wow! A whole term just went by and I really didn't see that one creeping up on me! So its been an interesting term - I have taught a whole spectrum of different folk from the fit to the not to fit, the y oung to the not so young and the flexible to the.. not so flexible. It seems the reasons that people come to yoga are as different as they are.

My first term as a fully fledged teacher has been full of lessons learned, one of which being that perhaps yoga and nursery schools don't necessarily mix well! Despite Mayford being a lovely venue, I just wasn't able to coax the people of Mayford and surroundings into coming and giving yoga a try with me. I had to put my business head on and for that reason, regrettably have stopped Wednesday mornings.

On a positive note I have continued to gain work elsewhere and am adopting a mantra of yes I can so keeping busy wedging my yogic life between and around my little ones and everything else.

The intensive yin training with Norman Blair at Islington life centre was both eye opening and inspiring. I came away quite literally feeling like I had been immersed in a bubble of relaxation and surrender and the effect was pretty astounding! It is something I have a deep desire to explore much further in my future yogic life and I really want to teach and share yin yoga with others! I hope to seek out opportuniites to do so!

On the other end of the spectrum I have now become a hot yoga teacher too! HotPod yoga have expanded to Surrey after working with the Harlequin Rugby Squad and I was lucky enough to get a job with them. Hard work but so worth it and its been great to learn a solid proper hot flow vinyasa sequence and get thtat under my belt!

In my personal practice I continue to work on several more advanced arm balances, and am really enjoying progressing in handstands, forearms stands (peacock/mayurasana), grasshopper and flying pigeon! I hope to be good enough soon to pass on my knowledge to my students!

So my first three months as a yoga teacher have flown by and I have been lucky enough to meet some really great people and a couple of total gems too. Feeling grateful for my life and my aspiring dreams coming true.

I would love to see you on the mat soon!

Practice and feel better!

Best wishes & the Happiest of Easters to all




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