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General thoughts and feelings about whats happening in the world of mellowburn yoga - mainly drivel but if you'd like to read it, I like you reading it :)

By mellowburnyoga, Oct 26 2016 09:19PM

Ok so can someone tell me who took 2016? I mean seriously? Nearly November!? The world whizzes by and the wise words of my 98 year old granny ring true; the older you get, the faster it goes!

So Mellowburn... Since I last wrote there have been servings of Om Yoga Magazine October edition, Lululemon Athletica Guest Teacher, Guildford Highstreet Aveda Promo class and a brand new timetable including a regular vinyasa flow class at the wonderful Cafe Mila in Godalming and the joyful Akram Hot Yoga Studio in Woking... I have two exciting workshops coming up; Connective Couples and Complete Beginners in January... There are literally classes of all kinds coming out of my brain and my mouth onto the mat, themes from 'Acceptance' to the 'Twists and the SI joint' to 'Stress Reduction Endocrine Focus Restorative', 'Core Flow' ....

There also a new up and coming Seated Yoga class coming up as from next week.... The creative juices are joyfully flowing and I love it...A fulfilling timetable allows me to truly spread the net of yoga joy fast and far and my encounters with the loveliest of humans really is what keeps me buoyant in this flaky yoga world. There have been a few powerful moments lately witnessing people being so able to connect into themselves they've been able to really release onto their mats and express emotion that has been pent up within them and finally comes tumbling out in a positive release. I like that; its powerful and wonderful and humbling as a teacher.

It's true that yoga seems to attract a particular type of person; the ones that want inner peace are usually seeking a nice community from which to enjoy that, those that want to improve their health show compassion for themselves (Karuna) and their wish to feel better shines a light on their wish to make others feel better too. Yoga resonates with so many because it simply tunes you into the inner part of you that is perfect and whole. That untouched, pure part of you that resonates good and reminds us of who we really are. When you connect into that a lot, just by stopping, by breathing, by noticing, you can't help but want more of that and ultimately want to be a better version of yourself.

Autumn often brings about time for reflection and to be honest theres been a lot of that - I notice some folks craving the more advanced asanas (poses) and making their practice all about that; people believing thats what yoga is; makes me think how can I illuminate the other side to yoga? I'm not talking about suddenly studying the hindu scriptures here; but I am talking about the philosophy that underlines why we practice. Finding our truth; understanding our purpose; finding contentment through acceptance - this is what yoga in the west means... and building confidence to know that and to remain clear in that message, in a world where there are so many distractions. There are many ways of bringing the beauty of yogic philosophy in a practical sense to our yoga mats, in the hope that it reflects back into our normal every day worlds.

So yes, a bit of a philosophical one from me this blog and as always another learning journey... its a wonderful ride :)

See you matside Yogis

By mellowburnyoga, Sep 26 2016 11:07AM

Join my NEW weekly class at the beautiful studio above Cafe Mila, Godalming!

Feel invigorated and inspired in this uplifting and accessible vinyasa flow class.

Finding the fire and determination within, as we seek out the balance between effort and surrender, awareness and inner peace, strength and flexibility. Lots of direction and pointers given whilst in the pose to help you to improve and understand your practice.

A typical class will start with a steady and gradual warm up, followed by a fluid and creative flow of transitions between poses that focus on increasing your strength and flexibility. Once the fire has been stoked, we move playfully forward into trying arm balances, inversions and uplifting heart-openers, finishing off by a descent back down into some deep stretching and meditation in delicious and most welcome savasana.

Yoga Mila class pass or £14 drop-in

To book in, click here!

By mellowburnyoga, Mar 27 2016 05:01PM

Happy Easter one and all! Ok so the level of chocolate going on in this house is nearing digusting. I recently read an article about being a 'bad yogi' and forgiving yourself such sins, so have taken this as an intervention from the universe not to beat myself up about it too much. It has however, spurred me forward to write a kick ass detox sequence for class next week.

So the mellowburn adventure continues onwards and upwards. I have fast learnt that one things for sure in this yoga teaching business, you cannot predict ANYthing. I mean when you think you're getting nice and cosy in a teaching schedule, you can bet your bottom dollar everything will change in the blink of an eye - so its important to stay adaptable and flexible. I have covered anywhere and everywhere and its fabulous when it creates new connections and experiences to learn from. It humbles me when new opportunites continue to be placed at my door and I'm forever in awe of my students continued faith in me as they appear and reappear at my classes. To share something so positive that I'm told over and over again is changing peoples lives for the better, makes me very happy indeed.

My newest teaching opportunities since I last blogged, involve a stint in Pirbright covering a fantastic little class of 'country yogis' ;), an offering to lead some workshops in Cafe Mila Yoga Studios in Godalming, and a great job teaching regularly at Aveda Hair Salons in Central Guildford. They have put together a luxury studio space for an intimate class, including mohair blankets and underfloor heating - tres posh! I'm delighted at the opportunity to teach a yin/yang blend which I believe will be the only class of its kind on offer in Guildford!

More excitment comes from my regular teaching gig on Thursday evenings at Peak Fitness Gym in central woking... They have had so many complaints from students that there wasn't space in my class, that they have added an extra class! My ego is in tact I promise - but I am thrilled!

I continue to cover at Surrey Sports Park now and again, and it goes without saying that my beloved Mellowburn Classes continue on as a growing community of yoga lovers and general lovelies.

I can feel my teaching has evolved so much - thought I'm forever excited to look forward to sharing new poses and transistions between poses, not to mention the ongoing thrill of seeking out themes, guided meditations and yoga styles to share. We do so love to explore in class and sometimes I'm as suprised as the next person about what comes up! It is brilliant to watch everyone fall further in love with their own practice and progress so beautifully. Lots of photos on my facebook page of students in wierd and wonderful poses if you're interested:

So if you're reading this and you haven't ventured forth to a mellowburn class yet, I promise its worth a try - I mean, well I would say that, but from the feedback I get, I feel confident that its worth an hour of your time to see what its like! Hope to see you matside - love n' peace, Mel x

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