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General thoughts and feelings about whats happening in the world of mellowburn yoga - mainly drivel but if you'd like to read it, I like you reading it :)

By mellowburnyoga, Dec 16 2015 05:31PM

So unbelievably, I conclude my first year as a yoga teacher, filled with enthusiasm and delight at how well it's gone! I really have enjoyed myself!

I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to teach a variety of styles of yoga (Static hatha, hot vinyasa flow, yin, yinyang) at such a variety of places so far - Surrey Sports Park, Hotpod, Guildford Spectrum, Peak Fitness Gym, Akram Yoga Studios, Cafe Mila, not to mention a number of private homes, GreenArks Community Centre, Burpham Wellbeing Studio and now Queen Elizabeth Park community Centre for my own classes. From class planning & sequencing, to business running, balancing life and practice with work and continually learning has meant an immense journey that feels like its only just begun!

I have to say, the best part of the job is you guys - my students make the whole job such a wonderful and rewarding thing - watching people start connecting with themselves, their bodies, enjoying their progress, all whilst building friendships and little community of such lovely folk, opens up new doorways of yoga that I didn't even fathom.

The encouragement and support I have received as a teacher has truly been humbling and heartwarming and its with grateful wide eyed joy that I look ahead to 2016.

So new changes for 2016, Monday mornings have moved to the lovely Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre in Queen Elizabeth Park, Stoughton, Guildford. I'm confident that this venue will be our yoga home for a long time to come as it ticks all the boxes :)

I've also taken on a full timetable in terms of my teaching capacity with an agreed position from February at at the brand new Aveda yoga studio which is amazing!

I will keep learning and keep sharing everything I find about yoga and hope my passion ignites yours :)

For now, I wish you ALL a fabulous, Happy, Joy Filled Christmas and New Year!

Viva Yoga! :D




By mellowburnyoga, Jan 17 2015 03:13PM

So all is well this end and I'm (fairly) confident I have fulfilled my checklist for now - when I first thought about teaching I was like, yeah, hire a hall, bung some mats down - job done... oh how little I knew! Strangely after auditioning for a teaching post last week and GETTING THE JOB!! - YEEHAA!, It has really calmed my nerves about my first classes. Its almost like I spent all of my nerves doing that and now i'm just really looking forward to sharing some yoga, making some shapes and helping people feel better of course... !

It is hard to explain to people just how wonderful yoga can make you feel without them experiencing it for themselves and knowing that it does take some time to get the hang of the language and for the body to accept what you want it to do - its an on going challenge and certainly one I hope you are happy to take on, because trust me when I say the benefits are SO worth it!

If you are having any mental queries about whether to come along or not I would like for you to read a testamony from a student of mine who was a total beginner and has now fallen a bit in love:

"I love Mellowburn Yoga! Mel is a great teacher, very friendly and knowledgeable, and I feel like I can take the class at my own pace. I always leave feeling peaceful, flexible and all my aches and pains stretched away! Highly recommended if you're in the Guildford area and are either a beginner or someone looking for a high quality teacher and group."

See you on the mat!


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