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General thoughts and feelings about whats happening in the world of mellowburn yoga - mainly drivel but if you'd like to read it, I like you reading it :)

By mellowburnyoga, Apr 27 2016 08:57AM

Are you interested in starting yoga but haven't got a clue? Have you already begun a practice but would like to fill in the gaps? Well here's your remedy :)

A simple, informative and fun workshop covering all the basics you need to start you off in the big wide world of yoga, as well as a few simple poses to take home and practice to treat your body. The workshop will cover a few topics including:

'What is Yoga?'

a brief overview of the history and philosophy behind yoga as well as different styles and what they mean

'Basic Anatomy'

helping you to understand your body and how to place it in poses


the whys and hows of breath control


The poses themselves, broken down into categories or 'families'

'Relaxation techniques'

to help you to get your mind into the right place for your practice but also to apply to your outside life...

You will also receive a sheet of basic poses to practice at home if you choose.

Prior booking is a must and if you would like to secure a space, advance payment is required.The cost of this workshop is £20.

I really hope you can make it along and it will be a real joy to share a bit more about yoga with you!

To book your place please email

By mellowburnyoga, Jan 4 2015 03:20PM

So I'm thrilled that promotion and web visits are on the up and people seem interested in knowing about my little project. Every time I think of my first classes and beyond my heart skips a beat and I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and be calm.

Theres a very good reason for that... lengthening your exhale triggers a relaxation response in your brain via your parasympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight bit) and when your diaphragm relaxes on the exhale, the rest of your body follows.. A simple exercise is to count the length of your inhale, and on your exhale elongate by a count of 2...Try it and you will see its calming effects instantly... !

Who said anything about stressful? :)

Till my next blog...



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