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Some Lovely Words...

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"I would highly recommend Mellowburn Yoga to Everyone!" (L.White)



"I absolutely love going to Mellowburn Yoga. Mel is a fantastic teacher and definitely caters to all abilities. I'm a total newbie and am now hooked on going to this class! Thank you for making it so enjoyable! Highly recommend!" (V.Jenney)



"Mel is a great teacher, very friendly and knowledgeable and I feel like I can take the class at my own pace… Highly recommend" (A.McKerrow)



"Just wanted to share how great my yoga class is… Left feeling fresh, revived and clear of any stresses. It was so perfectly needed." (J Juneja)



"Mellowburn yoga is fantastic" (J.Crees)



"I love my Yoga classes. It's a comfortable, friendly and informal atmosphere complete with plinky plonky music to get you in the mood. Being a guy, I was worried when I first went that it would be geared towards women, but it really isn't. It works for everyone. Our class caters for all abilities, which is good for me as I am an inflexible lump. I am however, less inflexible than I used to be. Progress." (R.Wood)



"Great class, Mel is very friendly and as a novice I could get stuck in and feel I have advanced well in a short space of time. Very relaxing and strenuous at the same time." (R.James)



"Such a lovely class and a fantastic teacher! I went along as a complete beginner and now I'm hooked. Highly recommend!" (K.Griffin)



"Brilliant. Informative, fun, progressive and inviting. Be a newbie or a pro, there is something for everyone! Come along." (R.Knight)



"The happiest, friendliest and most relaxed yoga class I have ever found! Mel is fab!" (S.Bailey-Gates)



"I can't miss a lesson with Mel…. The benefits are too good to miss. I feel re-energised not to mention fitter, leaner, more toned, more flexible, calmer, centered, balanced, lighter but stronger in body and mind. Mels classes are at the same time relaxing and challenging but with no pressure and no judgement - each class is different and you set the pace of your own practice. Mel instantly made me feel at ease with her easy natural approach to teaching yoga which makes learning yoga fun and non intimidating. The ladies and gents that go are there for all different reasons proving yoga is for anyone and everyone. Thanks Mel for showing me the light!!" (S. Adams)



"I look forward to going to Mel's yoga class every Thursday evening; it rejuvenates me and pushes my development in yoga every week. I've practiced yoga for many years and she is one of the best teacher's that I've ever had!

The main reason for this is because I can happily say that no class is ever the same and I can see progression not only in myself, but in all levels of people in the class. People who have never done yoga before within a year look like they have been practicing yoga for years and that's all thanks to a great teacher! Thank you Mel." (S. Chan)



"Thursday night class is one of my favorites. It's the only class that I will come out in the evening for on a regular basis. … It's a safe creative inspired place." (E.Boyle)



"I was new to yoga and arrived to a Mellowburn class with slight apprehension as I hadn't a clue what to expect. As soon as I arrived I felt warmth and welcome from both Mel and the class. I also found that the actual class was also amazing - It made me feel relaxed, rejuvenated and alive all at the same time. Well done to Mellowburn"                    (M Meynard)


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